Fall Berry Wreath - DIY

Thursday, October 13, 2011

We needed a fall wreath for our door. A couple weeks ago I found some berry stems from Michaels that I bought to put in a vase inside. They make me happy so I decided they would be perfect to make a wreath out of.

I bought 9 more berry stems ($1 each), some 18 gauge wire wrapped in paper ($1.99), and some orange ribbon ($1) to make this project. If you have an old wreath that you could repurpose, use that - I didn't so I got the wire to make the frame for the wreath.

The wire came with 6 pieces so I just bent them into a circle and wrapped them around each other.

Then I started wrapping the berries around the wire. Try to get the berries equally spaced or else you will end up with some spots that aren't as full as others.

This is what it looked like half-way through wrapping the berries around the wire. Each berry stem that you add will increase the strength of the wire form.

Then I fluffed the berry branches and bent them into shape. I just wrapped the very end of the stems around the wire to help them stay in place.

I added a bow and hung it on our door. Pretty easy, huh? I like it a lot - I especially like that it was only $12. If you already have the ribbon and wreath form on hand this would be a project for under $10.

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