7 weeks

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

7 weeks from today Hubby and I will pack up our car and head to our new place in Austin, TX. We are going to drive down there in two days instead of the usual 1 day trip. Since we will hopefully have our puppy, Phoebe, by then we are planning on having to make a lot of potty breaks for her while driving. This will also give us an opportunity to do a little shopping and most importantly, eat at the new In-N-Out burger in Allen, TX. The store will be about a week old by the time we get down there so hopefully we won't have a 3 hour line to wait in.  Even if there was a huge line we would still wait. Did I mention that we had In-N-Out burger every single day of our honeymoon? Romantic, I know.

Before we get the keys to our new place, eat at In-N-Out, or get Phoebe we have one last hurdle:  graduation!  The semester is really winding down for me. I only have 3 weeks until graduation and I am mostly done with my classwork. Unfortunately for Will, he has a huge final lab project that will keep him super busy for the next two weeks. I will be graduating in Chicago on May 5th and Will will be graduating in Champaign on May 15th.

In a week and a half we are heading down to Bethalto to celebrate Easter with my family. I am so excited for that weekend but it is going to be bittersweet. This may be the last holiday that I get to spend with the whole family for the rest of the year. Unfortunately new nurses are not always offered time off on the holidays and we don't know when we will be able to come back to Illinois. So we will have to enjoy what little time we have left and stuff ourselves with broccoli-cheese casserole and dumplings. We will be celebrating Easter on Saturday this year and then on Sunday we are going to church at the local high school and going to the Cardinals game that afternoon. The last time we went to a Cards game as a group we had a really good time, so Easter Sunday should be extra awesome.

We are anxiously looking forward to all of these exciting events. I think I will use this blog as a way to document what is going on in this stage of our life and to post lots of pictures.

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