New and Old

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Will and I are so excited to move into our nicer and newer apartment in Austin. We will always have a special place in our hearts for our current apartment since it was our first place together. Here is our old apartment:
Our bathroom with one sink.

Our kitchen with plenty of counter space and storage .
What use to be our dining room. My sister took our old table for her new apartment. Let's just ignore the fact that we have two folding chairs sitting there and instead look at my new purse!

Will's domain.

Our bedroom. We neglected to get a bed frame for this apartment and are really looking forward to having that luxury in Austin.
Current closet jam packed. 
Our living room with the horrible vertical blinds and ugly slip covers.
And here is our new apartment in Austin that we will officially be moved into on June 2. If anyone would like to come down and help us assemble some furniture and unpack our things just let me know!
Our beautiful bathroom with tons of counter space.

Our wonderful living room and dining room with lots of space and natural light (and no vertical blinds.)
Half of our master closet.
The other half of our master closet. Do you know how many shoes I could fit in this thing?!
Our slightly smaller but updated kitchen.
So that is what we have in store. I will have to post more pictures when we get down there and have it all furnished and decorated.

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