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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

As you know, I am officially a college graduate! While this is super exciting and all, I still have a lot of studying to do. The NCLEX is the national licensing exam for registered nurses and I will probably be taking it in about a month. The NCLEX is a beast... minimum of 75 questions and a max of 265 with up to 6 hours to complete it. It is a computer adaptive test, meaning that it changes depending on if you get a question right or wrong. Also, I can't be a real nurse unless I pass. So in order to prepare myself for the exam, I am taking a review course. A spirit crushing review course. We basically sit through two sessions a day, 3 hours each, and go over questions and the thought process for how to answer them. Yesterday we started with the topic of pharmacology. Did I mention that is has been a year since we had a class on pharmacology? Oh, and that pharm could be up to 20% of the questions you get on the NCLEX? Yeah. So hopefully the next few sessions will be better than yesterday because that wasn't pretty.

My dad is going to pick up Phoebe tomorrow! We had a slight change in plans, the little black female from last week that was suppose to be Phoebe didn't pass her vet exam. So now Dad is going down to pick out a puppy for us. Thanks Dad! We will get to meet her on Sunday when they bring her up for Will's graduation. We are super pumped (for graduation and the puppy!)

Us at In-N-Out in California freshman year for Spring Break. 

In-N-Out in Texas is opening today! This is a big deal to me and Will. Only 3 weeks until we get to have a double-double burger and fries! Also, in 3 weeks, we will officially be Texans. Well, I guess not officially since getting a license and registering to vote is not something on our list of things to do that day. Anyway, it is crazy how fast this move is coming up!

Tomorrow is our last night with the Badgers. Who are the Badgers? Only the greatest small group/bible study ever. We are really going to miss them when we move. Expect a post later on in more detail about the Badgers and our Texas party.

I think that is all. What is new with you?

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