Saturday, May 7, 2011

Boy was that a good week/weekend. My parents, sister and grandparents came up to Chambana on Wednesday evening. We had a delicious dinner together at the Great Impasta - a restaurant in Urbana where they make all of the pasta by hand. We got up early and left Thursday morning to head to Chicago. After working our way through Chicago traffic and a major elevation in my blood pressure, we made it to the University of Illinois Chicago campus. For the record, I do not like driving in big city traffic, especially when following someone and trying to not get separated.  We ended up getting to the Pavilion early and they didn't have the building open yet so we went across the street and had a photo session.

I am so grateful for my parents, without them I wouldn't be here today. It is because of all of their hard work that I had the opportunity to go to such a wonderful school.

The fam. I couldn't have done it without them!

The Urbana students wanted to make sure everyone knew we were Illini.

I am so glad that Grandpa Bob and Grandma Shirley were able to come up for the ceremony.

My amazing husband who has supported me through all of the lectures, exams, and clinicals. This picture is from after the ceremony... I officially have a BSN!

Will and my grandparents had to leave after the ceremony (Hubby had a final on Friday so he couldn't stay with us). It was just the Clark clan left in Chicago. We went out to dinner, spent some time on Michigan avenue, and got some yummy Garret's popcorn. On Friday we walked all over the city, up and down the Magnificent mile, and went to the Weber Grill Restaurant for dinner.

The city was so beautiful this time of the year, everything was in bloom and we had great weather on Friday. See for yourself...


Obligatory bean picture.

Next weekend is Will's graduation. His family is flying in and my family is coming up. I am so excited for his graduation! We will be able to get a ton of great pictures on the University of Illinois campus with both of us in our graduation attire plus we get to be with both of our families. It is going to be a great weekend! Also, that will be the first time that Will and I get to meet Phoebe! My parents are going to bring her up on Sunday and we get to spend the day with her!

PS: It is nurses week. Show all of the nurses in your life that you love them and appreciate what they do!

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