The many uses of toilet paper rolls.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

So awhile ago my cousin, Jessica, posted a picture of toilet paper roll art on her blog, My Cute Little Life. I did a google search for more ideas of toilet paper roll art and decided that it would be the perfect medium for decorating our living room wall. Now this wall in the apartment is kind of large and I wanted something to span the whole length. So we ended up getting 4 canvases to hang equally spaced along the wall. By the way, Hobby Lobby is the place to go for canvases. The canvases we got came in packs of two and are super cheap when they are on sale 40% off or if you use one of their 50% coupons.

Here are the steps to do a project like this:
1. Depending on your design, you may need a lot of toilet paper rolls. Ask friends and family to save up toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls for you. (You will probably get some funny looks.) Explain to them what you are going to do with the rolls and get a few more funny looks.

2. Once you (or your friends and family) have gathered enough toilet paper rolls for your project, cut them down to the desired thickness. Flatten out the cardboard rolls and then measure and cut. I cut my strips to 1 cm widths.

3. Take a break from cutting all of those rolls because your hands are sore or try to convince your hubby to cut them for you.

4. Once you have all of your strips, lay them out on the canvas in the desired pattern.

5. After I had them in the layout I wanted, I hotglued the pieces together.
6. Then I spray painted them with about 3 coats of primer and 2 coats of white paint.
7. I wanted my canvases to be blue so I painted them with acrylic paint.

8. Once everything was dry, I hotglued the toilet paper pieces to the canvas in the corners and in a few spots in the middle.

9. Hang them on the wall and admire your super cheap artwork.

The thing that I love about this project is that it is super versatile. The hot glue keeps the rolls attached to the canvas but it will easily pop off with a little bit of force. The canvas isn't damaged so you can paint it a different color or reuse it for a completely different project.

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