Super Easy Canvas Art

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

We needed some artwork for over our bed - artwork that wouldn't cost very much. What is a girl to do? Go to Hobby Lobby of course! I picked up three square canvases along with some green paint. Here is the finished result:

These were so easy to make! I didn't take pictures of the actual process because it was a lot of white paint - which makes for boring pictures. 

Here are the steps to make this project:

-First I painted all of the canvases white - since that is the color I wanted to lines to be - and let them dry.
-Then I used painters tape and randomly taped off lines. For some lines I overlapped the pieces of tape for wider lines and for others I cut the tape in half.
-Next - this is the key to getting those crisp lines - I painted over the edges of the tape with white. This way any paint that seeps through the tape will be white and not green. 
-Once the white was dry, I put on two coats of green paint. 

Full Disclosure: On the first canvas I didn't paint it white before I taped the lines. Then you could see the spots where the white paint bled through onto the unpainted white canvas. It drove me crazy so I ended up painting in the lines white after. I wouldn't recommend doing that.

Seriously, so easy. To paint all of these canvases and the time to let them dry only took an afternoon.

I also think it would be really cool to do an ombre effect with the canvases - either the same ombre effect on all three canvases or paint each canvas a slightly different shade in the same color. These canvases would also be great to hang in a dorm room. They are super light so they could easily be attached to the wall with some command tape.

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